Yes, But I Have Five Ideas and All of Them are Great

If you have a list of options and each one is feasible and holds appeal, then there are only two courses of action to follow. The first is to block out a number of weeks to investigate each opportunity fully. This means conducting solid research. Failing that, the second option is to choose the opportunity that is good enough. Throw out the pros and cons list. Instead, write down what you like to do and your basic requirements for income, day-to-day work, home life, leisure time, and personal growth.

Consider this list as your line in the sand – what you need for quality of life. Measure your options against this list. If all the choices meet your criteria, then toss a coin. It really doesn’t make a whole lot of difference what you select, because you will adapt, you’ll make the best of it, and you’ll experience some highs and some lows in whatever you do.

At this juncture in your life, are you more energized by the idea of change or of continuity?

You can take consolation in the truism that change begets change. Every choice, good or bad, triggers a chain reaction that can lead to interesting results.

People with the follow-through factor insist that the most important thing is to take steps to bring any meaningful idea to life and that the idea itself is secondary.

Overthinking leads to paralysis by analysis You can sit in your chair for years thinking about all the things you could be doing. And five years from now, you’ll still be sitting there.

Write a proposal, draft a  plan, get on a committee, send out your resumé, go back to school, start a writing group. There will be trials and tribulations no matter what, but at least you’ll be involved in the act of building, and you’ll be far more satisfied and wiser for it.

“Best” doesn’t exist. There’s “good” and “not so good” on every road. It doesn’t matter which path you pick, just pick one and start moving. You’ll not only adapt to the terrain, but you’ll also leave your mark one way or another. And one step leads to another. But if you don’t walk, you’re not going to make any footprints, anywhere.