How to handle rejection from dream university

When you apply to a specific university, you might have certain expectations about being accepted or not. Sometimes you are rejected, and you can’t find the real reason for this. When rejected, that’s a story which we shall explain in the text below.

Start to visualize

When you dream about something big like being accepted by your dream university, it means that you have the will and imagination to make things possible. You try your best to visualize, if possible, every detail of this action. Before you even start to realize that you might be rejected, you envision certain events that might lead to the idea that you are already there, accepted to your dream university. You create an illusion around you before you even start applying. That’s not bad to visualize before you start the application process, but you must visualize and complete this with some detachment exercises.

You must act

You must be prepared from the start that you might get rejected, and you must handle rejection with ease if you don’t care if you are not accepted by your dream university. You let go of every attachment you have to that particular university and become a complete person after the process has finished. In other words, you let your mind digest every action you have made during the application process, and then you let go of every attachment to be a successful applicant. You start to visualize, take action and after those two steps, you try to extract the information you need for your progress.

Become detached

Even if you are 100% sure that you will be a student of your dream university, you must prepare for your future results that can be sometimes not so good. You must have an open mind that will lead you to success because you have integrated mental tools that will help you beware of so many possibilities. That’s why you must have an open mind to everything that might occur when you apply for a degree, you must stay focused, but you must also keep in mind that there are chances that you might be rejected. This dose of carefulness will only make you stronger because you also accept other possibilities, not only success. You can’t win all the time, and there is a time when you are going to lose no matter what. To adopt this kind of thinking, you must first look if this kind of integration with your pessimistic self will suit you in the long-term. Because you must reprogram your mind to successfully accept a certain reality, a reality of endless possibilities.

This kind of detachment will create a better place for your mind and become healthier in terms of being an open-minded person with strong mental capabilities.