At Dream University, we have a clear requirement for our members and students, namely that everyone who wants to promote, support, or follow the university courses are asked to respect our label. Students, members, and collaborators will have to adopt a lifestyle that will allow them to go through the preparations and adapt to what we call tight collaboration. It is hoped that students will be able to go through the course easily and on a long-term basis as this is how quality training is done.

Students attending courses are asked to keep in touch with us so that there are fruitful collaboration and maximum interaction. We want to get in touch with students who have concerns about their current situation at Dream University and ask them to practice a healthy attitude about how they see their future. The way they influence their future must be directly proportional to the decision makers that they consider to be important in their lives. So we will not remain indifferent if they will take on certain paths that are not exactly conducive to their personal and professional development.

We are here to support and students need to be aware that just by respecting each other and having a constant exchange of information we can evolve together. Those who will take courses at us will be rewarded with goodwill and will have the most useful tips.