A short story about us.

Our story


We started in 2010 as a new mental project that was based on a subject that is named Dream Architecture and Architecture of the Mind. The subject is very similar to the concept implemented in the movie Inception. We continued to develop this idea around a new project that is education-based and is our current University. The subject and the University are interrelated because they both have similar concepts in terms of how the creation works. The new topic Dream Architecture and Architecture of the Mind revolves around creation with layers of experience and our university has evolved as a second layer after the subject was created.


This project of our University has begun to emerge after we have assimilated a lot of information within a few years. We began by taking information mainly from the field of Psychology just to shape our thinking and to have better ideas. After which the process of assimilation of information began.

We have selected the best quality knowledge of the times we live in. These data gave us the necessary impetus to form healthy thinking. The selection process was the most difficult because there are so many options. However, we have managed to place ourselves among the vast resources of information. Moreover, we have succeeded to improve and grow in the way we select new information. We are grateful that there are so many possibilities for information and that is why we want to contribute to this continuous flow.