Start a circle

Choose people from a variety of industries

Advice from diverse perspectives will build a more solid foundation for your decision-making process. 


The key to staying emotionally engaged

Maintaining deep, vibrant relationships is a way to stay emotionally engaged, in tune with your environment, and poised.


Take your relationships seriously and treat them with purpose

You will be rewarded many times over.

How people can inspire you

Sometimes others can give you perspective on projects or show you potential solutions that you’ve overlooked.


Often you will hear someone acknowledge that they read a particular book and then applied some of their newfound knowledge to a project. This is a powerful reminder that the best work we accomplish is frequently a result of being inspired by someone else. 

You shouldn’t be ashamed of drawing inspiration from other sources and applying them to your work. At the heart of it, that’s the crux of innovation. Innovation is the collective grasp for “next,” and it’s always built on the work of those who went before.