The truth about the world is that almost everything is difficult. It seems that we need ages to advance to a higher state of consciousness. Everything seems absurd because we must suffer a lot to get there. We are bounded to our own body, mind and soul and wish to become better and better every time we look back at ourselves. We are propagators of new energies that are changing to give rise to higher energy levels and states of consciousness. We aim for what’s best for us and expect that everything will turn around as we want. Our wish becomes a way to justify our existence. But the truth is that sometime we never get to attain our wishes. We instead become stuck in our current reality limited by our beliefs and sometime by invisible forces that we don’t have control over. We try to do what’s best for ourselves and others and sometime we never get where we should be. Our mind says one thing, the physical reality another. Our true potential becomes obsolete because we can’t put into practice what we have learned. All we have it’s hope. Hope that one day everything will turn around and change the reality we live for the better.