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Reflect on the evolution of consciousness and how all things are interconnected.

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Inspired by Inception

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"Inception" emerged from acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan's relentless fascination with the subconscious realm of dreams.

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Exploring The Fusion
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Dream Architecture and Architecture of the Mind


We are currently developing a new course based on this subject.

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About Dream University

The main inspiration, example, and foundation of our course is Inception. The film helps to explain the relationship between dreams and physical reality.

About the Author

The project’s creator is currently working on a book. You can contact him through social media.

Our Vision

Our project now includes the Multiverse. We have already learned enough about the subject to be able to teach it. Doctor Strange is only one example of how alternate realities might play out.

                  Foundation subjects we apply to teach the course

Enjoy the ultimate experience to fulfill your dreams and stimulate your mind on another level.

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Is Inception similar to The Matrix?

Inception and The Matrix are similar because the characters and audiences aren’t sure what is reality and what is fake. Inception’s confusing ending is famous since audiences debate whether the top stops spinning, and it’s fair to say that the conclusion of The Matrix leaves a lot of unanswered questions as well.


Dream University is a project that primarily wants to develop a new topic of study. We will publish articles particularly containing new ideas in the fields of Psychology and Philosophy, generally about mind. The articles might also be related to Consciousness and Spirituality.

At the same time, it is desired to promote the new subject so that it can be structured to be taught to students. The name of the subject is Dream Architecture and Architecture of the Mind.

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dAOMDream Architecture and Architecture of the Mind

Department : Psychology and Philosophy of Mind
Level : Advanced
Instructor : Leo Norden
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