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Vision and values

Dream University promotes a unique vision that shows special competence. It is a vision that wants to establish itself successfully on the educational market and aims to assume new challenges through new and creative projects. This educational project delivers services that serve users who embrace new concepts based on compatibility between them and the services.

Dream University pays great attention to details and wants a more careful and deep interaction with those interested. It plans to implement its services in as many fields as possible because it delivers services that can be adapted and that can excel for various fields. This concept is based on new and creative ideas providing opportunities for integration with the knowledge accumulated throughout life.

Dream University is a respected educational project that is offering possibilities that are different from traditional educational projects. It also wants the institutionalization of the project and creates partnerships with institutions already registered. It wants the establishment of partnerships with institutions both traditional and nontraditional ones (non-academic). Collaborating with them will be a step forward for society and welfare. We desire to finance joint projects to improve community spirit. This will be accomplished around common values.

Dream University wants to be an educational model for users of different ages and wants to connect information obtained from various categories of people. There are opportunities when the information obtained is evaluated, optimized and exploited. That is why we want our model to be one which offers opportunities for suitable expression of each member separately. We also encourage collaboration between different categories of people because we want them to find compatible people that fit their character.

Dream University wishes to obtain excellent results both in research and in teaching. The fundamental purpose in our view is that students can learn in a way that benefits all and we emphasize that we have principles necessary to enable teaching.

Teaching is made with practical methods that expose the student to various environments that stimulate him.

Dream University combines fresh perspective with the latest information available on the market and with information that has not been officially published. It is a new perspective that arises from a complex structure of the mind. It aims to pursue specific goals that will accept compatibility between people as a paramount importance.

Dream University is interested in managing people’s minds by adding a new perception field to their understanding. It creates new connections and consolidates the existing ones if necessary. Although this new concept of managing people’s minds is new we should always have looked after it because it improves the human capacity of understanding.

Dream University wants to be an institution easily accessible to all who want a better life full of creativity. Creativity is named after us as an essential factor in achieving the goals important in everyone’s life. We promote transparency between the various associations and partnerships. It is therefore important to discuss future collaborations that can bring added vitality to our services.

Dream University wants to apply the most modern techniques of introducing the learning process. We do this by implementing nontraditional techniques and traditional ones and make the learning process easy and adapted to each one. Therefore learning process is integrated opting for a better functioning of the entire process.


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