When Inception meets fashion

The Inceptions

Exclusive shoes from Maksters

We have found a special product on the internet related to our topic of study (Dream Architecture and Architecture of the Mind), topic that has common elements with the film Inception, and decided to share it with you.

Have you ever wondered how some shoes inspired by Inception – The Film would look like? Well, there is one brand that is producing such shoes. Beautifully crafted and of the finest quality, they have a pattern that resembles a geometrical mind architecture with maze line style shapes.

Exclusively neat those shoes will make your life look like heaven especially when you touch their silky smooth texture. When you embrace them as your favorite, you will either want to keep them clean all the time or wish to wear them everywhere, even in your bed.

A beautiful bleu marine dresses up the perfect shape of The Inceptions.

Expensive or not? You decide.

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