The Ascension

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On this page, we will discuss Ascension.

The New Earth will be the manifestation of Heaven on Earth for those who have prepared spiritually and believe that they have an opportunity to choose that path.

If you would prefer to transition to the new, fifth-dimension Earth, you have to prepare to shift your consciousness, and thus graduate and Ascend.

As you remember who you are, you no longer have to prove anything to anyone. You are by divine right a Starseed of the new civilization that will inhabit the New Earth.

To transition and pass through the Star Gates and into the fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness (via Ascension), the first requirement is for you to gain a clear understanding of who you truly are.

We have chosen one book that contains the necessary research to demonstrate the existence of alternate realities.

About the Ascension Process

There are other, parallel realities and worlds beyond worlds—right here, right “Now.”

You have had billions of years to explore various parameters of Universal Laws by creating many parallel versions of your Oversoul. These parallel versions have been called parallel lives. Each parallel life was created and designed so that your Oversoul could explore and simultaneously experience many realities on different planets. Every time your soul incarnates on a planet, it comes in with an approved contract that will be used as a guide for that life experience.

As this Ascension process continues, all the physical forms that we are so familiar with will be under-going a frequency (phase) shift. Simultaneously, the planetary frequency is shifting upward, as are all other natural objects on the planet. As this process takes place, all biological forms are shifting to the fourth-dimensional state of consciousness. It is a purification process. The only things that will remain on the other side of “The Shift” will be those creations whose higher-frequency wave forms are compatible with that of the New Earth.


Your belief helps create the reality you experience in everything you put your attention on.

Robert E. PettitAuthor

Physical Body Ascension to the New Earth: Instruction Manual

This book has been designed to provide you with an explanation of current and future events, and to provide you with tools to help you prepare for “The Shift,” graduation, and Ascension to the New Earth.

The Shift

Right “Now” the concept of a New Earth may be outside your understanding. You are not alone. As you observe others, you will note that a majority of the human population is unaware of the coming “End of the Age.” Many have closed their minds to trying to comprehend these concepts and changes because they appear complicated.