Living a life on Earth. What it means to you.

Living on Earth for most of us is like passing through a tunnel with one entrance and one exit. There are people who might get stuck inside this tunnel and struggle all their life without getting out easy at all. Everything seems so difficult for them. People with abilities can struggle as well because of their nature to be complex and different from rest of us. At different stages in life we have choices to make. Every time we try new things sometime we don’t have time or we simply can’t realize what is happening to us. This is because life is very complex and is takes a lot of time to assimilate information. Some people can’t realize what is happening to them because of their lack of capabilities. There are people who can realize what is happening to them with ease because of their nature and because they achieved a higher state of consciousness.

Nobody is perfect but keep in mind that what we learn here on Earth is directly affecting you and indirectly the people next to you to some extent and so on with the people who don’t know you at all. Sometime you can do something based on what you have learned but sometime you can’t move a finger. We wonder what’s more important: the fact that you can’t do anything to change something or the fact that you are continuously learning internally?