Inspired by our subject of study.

Our name

In order to create your reality you must first create your dream.

The relation between our name and a dream.

The title of our university is inspired by the new field of study that is Dream Architecture and Architecture of the Mind and you can enroll in a course exclusively at our university. The title is also representative of our concept of creating reality and living a better life in this world. The creation concept is of paramount importance and it all starts with imagination and the dream itself.

We, therefore, want to emphasize creativity and we also want to highlight the fundamental process of the dream or imagination that is unlimited in terms of diversity.

The dream word of the university’s title is part of a category that represents the complexity of the human mind and lasts but not least its connection to the outside world.

The concept of imagination is unique because it emphasizes the importance of a particular part of the mind to develop ideas of different forms and particularities that together form an entire dream.

The dream lets us plunge through our imagination and create our own version of the world we live in. It also allows us to launch new concepts that manifest themselves in real life through their creative exposure.