How do we evolve?

This question we are trying to answer is very important to all of us if we want to have an integrated approach of our lives. It’s very important to know how we got here where we are now and what resources we used in order to further develop our mental, physical and spiritual selves.

Probably the majority of us would acknowledge that the mental realm is by far the most important from these 3 components that together represent our entire being. Our mind is challenged every day more than ever with information that can become the cause of our next evolutionary step.

As we observe the multitude of sources of information that we are bombarded every day with we definitely try and sometimes struggle to clarify what we want to extract and what information we want to use in our daily lives. It’s never been harder to choose from so many sources because there are so many options. Although at the beginning this might be very difficult to digest, after a while the human mind gets adapted to this new lifestyle is a sense that this new type of mental life which includes the stress as well quickly becomes the new you.

There are only barriers that must be passed and for those of us who can manage to live further the possibilities become endless. We are talking here about those of us who are affected by technology and media.

To be continued…