Your consciousness

Your consciousness

Your consciousness is like this infinite elevator. A rise in consciousness means an increase in clarity of understanding that brings you peace, perspective and greater clarity of mind.

The principle of CONSCIOUSNESS brings your thinking to life. When you experience a rise in your consciousness, the habits of thinking you previously experienced as a reality suddenly start losing their power. As your consciousness continues rising, you become more and more able to see your THOUGHT-generated experiential realities for the illusions that they are.

A rise in consciousness means a permanent increase
in your clarity of understanding…

Penicillin for the mind

A rise in consciousness is like a kind of “penicillin for the mind.” Penicillin can help our bodies to heal infection by inhibiting the growth and spread of illness-causing bacteria. Similarly, a rise in consciousness can transform how we relate to (and can even eliminate) huge amounts of habitual thinking. Just as penicillin acts wherever in the body it’s needed, a rise in consciousness goes to wherever it’s needed in a person’s psyche. A person whose consciousness rises often experiences an “across the board” increase in well-being, with issues they’d been perceiving as problems suddenly reducing in intensity, or even disappearing…