Two ways of knowing

Through thousands of years our ancestors added to left-brain dominance because that was the way to get things done. The two specializations work effectively, the right supporting the left hands use of tools, including writing. Our entire system – books, schools, universities, industry, political structures, churches – is fundamentally left-brained in learning, application and operation. We have generally regarded right-brain functions with suspicion, frustration and awe.
In fact we use our right brain throughout our daily lives in many subtle ways. While the left-brain serves our consciousness, the right-brain serves our awareness. Thoughthe left-brain seems to predominate and to co-ordinate general behaviour from both halves, it is the minor side which sees things in a broader perspective. It sees thecontext and views the parts of an event as its gestalt. It is the right-brain that takes the facts worked out by the left-brain and can make proper conclusions (connections)from them. It makes facts ‘meaniningful’.
The left-brain can be quite aware that smoking causes cancer but the person will still pull out a cigarette. The person is aware but not conscious.