Digital books are powerful resources that can change your life for the better.

Online Library

Our online library contains books in electronic format and their titles can be accessed at the end of this page. Our selected e-books have a significant variety and meet the most demanding requirements in terms of quality in personal development. We provide our members, students, and collaborators with the best e-books in terms of content. In our database, we have a selection that provides a wide range of information that wants to help anyone interested in better self-knowledge. These e-books provide information that directly influences the reader and aims to produce a change in expression, quality of life, knowledge, and perception.

Our goal is to provide important resources for members, students and collaborators.

Leo NordenFounder

How to use

The online library is accessible to all who want a change in their lives and it is only through knowledge that this is possible.

 We encourage selective study, meaning everyone reads what they want. Since we have selected from the available e-books for readers to enjoy a useful reading, they have only to choose the ones that fit them for the moment. Each e-book has its role and there are books that can help people a lot if they are representative of those who read them.

How To Get E-Books?

We have e-books that are PDF format, epub and some of them have different extensions but these are usually duplicates of their PDF and epub counterparts.

Email us with your intention to download the files and we will share the e-books with you.


Some titles with their covers are listed below.